Saturday, June 11, 2016

Missing, Presumed ~ Susie Steiner (Pub. Date 6/26/2016)

Steiner, Susie. 2016. Missing Presumed. New York, NY: Random House. ISBN 978-0812998320. $27.00 USD.

I read a lot of books for my work as a librarian, to keep current for readers advisory, and for my personal pleasure, as well, as time allows.  I have never really developed an attraction for British police procedurals (though I’m a fan of Ian Rankin and Ken Bruen (Scottish and Irish detectives, respectively). However, I know British mysteries are popular here in the states, so I’m familiar with the most well-known authors of this genre.  I was intrigued by "Missing, Presumed," because, based on the description, the main character, a female DS named Manon Bradshaw, seemed like someone I wanted to know more about.

Although it was a slow start for me, I eventually became very invested in the police investigation, the supporting characters and Manon’s personal life. In this mystery, set in Cambridge, a beautiful graduate student goes missing, leaving behind very few clues. Her parents are highly connected in the area, and the Cambridgeshire police force knows the spotlight will shine brightly on the investigation. As Manon and her colleagues follow what few clues they have, we are treated to a solid police investigation, as well as the inner lives of several characters affected by the crime.

Not all successful books are written in short chapters with cliffhangers, lots of dialogue and graphic violence, though that seems to be what often makes it to the best-seller list these days.  So, for me it was a pleasure to read a novel like this one, with well-done POV changes, engaging dialogue, and real-life characters, flaws and all.  I will be recommending this one to my patient readers who aren’t in such a hurry to get the finish line and who can enjoy the journey.

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