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Iberian Ties by Quintin Vargas ~ Lone Star Literary Book Blog Tour ~ Excerpt and Giveaway!

Quintin Vargas
Genre: Crime Fiction / Mystery / Suspense International Thriller 
Publisher: Vanguard Publishers
Date of Publication: May 13, 2019
Number of Pages: 405

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Without a motive, how do you catch a killer? A gripping thriller in the vein of Harlan Coben, Paula Hawkins, and Lee Child. A rising star psychiatrist, American Nate Shelley is in Spain’s Canary Islands, making his world debut at a convention. But after delivering his keynote address, he and his fiancée Miro are arrested for murder. Nate knows he’s not guilty, but is his future wife involved in some way in the crime? Miro’s directly implicated when the murder victim is identified as her stalker. Is Nate’s career ruined? Is he facing life imprisonment? Does the American couple stand a chance of convincing the Spanish authorities—and Interpol—that they’re innocent? Not in a post-Brexit, anti-Trump European environment. Racing to clear their names, Nate and Miro will soon be embroiled in sham investigations, powerful cartels, and family secrets finally coming to light. Full of intrigue, this gritty international crime novel is a thrilling ride.


“Brilliant thriller! I totally loved and enjoyed this book!! Interesting twists and turns, well-developed characters and suspense all along the way. Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait for the next book!” –Gaby M., Goodreads Review

“This was an education about cultures and history as well as an unpredictable mystery.” –Robert R., Amazon Review

Excerpt from Iberian Ties
by Quintín Vargas

It was the third night after Trump’s election, and Nate found himself in the Canary Islands, with the lifeless body of a woman in his hotel room.
* * *
He waited for the local police in the lobby. What a nightmare. A disheveled young man wearing an ill-fitting sport jacket came around the registration desk. “Would you like some assistance, Dr. Shelley? A glass of water perhaps?” He instructed a room clerk to bring their esteemed guest some mineral water. “I’ve sent our security guard to check on your room, Dr. Shelley.” He explained that he was there to assist Nate in whatever he needed until the police arrived.
Nate absent-mindedly thanked him and continued to pace the lobby. Random thoughts crossed his mind. Miró was fortunate not to have been in the room. Or, was she? Could she be involved? No, of course not. Nate accepted the mineral water from the hotel clerk. How can I think that? But, if Miró’s not involved, is she in danger?
Although a great deal of his medical training had taught him how to be in charge, he felt imbalanced, out of sorts. For the seventh time that night, Nate dialed Miró’s number. His call again went to voice mail. From Carabela’s, the piano bar, a Louis Armstrong sound-alike crooned—as if through gravel—What a Wonderful World.
Nate walked to the front entrance. No sight of the ambulance…or the police. My God, the press could implicate even me…’Celebrated Psychoanalyst Guilty of Murder’. He could already read the headlines. I’ve worked hard to be the best in my profession…
He caught himself reciting a prayer in his head, and he bit his lip. Nate, praying again?
“You’re pacing the floor as if you’re awaiting a death sentence, Shelley. What on earth is wrong?” It was Beech’s nasal, and somewhat slurred, voice. He had just retrieved an envelope from Aamir Farooq, who for a second time, was departing the lobby in a hurry.
“Fritz…ish…warming up a…brandy for you.” Hiccup. “He’s on hish way.”
Stepping into the carpeted lobby from the piano bar, Dr. Luntz approached Nate with concern in his eyes. “Here’s a Hennessy, my boy. It’ll give you pleasant dreams.” Nate sat on the plush lobby sofa. He took a deep breath and thanked Luntz. The sip of cognac warmed his diaphragm and cleared his nasal passages. He took another deep breath as if attempting to capture the smell of gardenias at the front entrance. Eyes shut, Nate described the scene he’d found upstairs. He told Luntz and Beech about the lifeless body. He mumbled, almost to himself, something about the fragrance of a Japanese garden in the suite. “Worst of all,” he complained, “the ambulance and police are taking their time getting here. It’s been…what…more than ten minutes.”
Again, the night manager approached Nate and his two companions. “If I can offer our private office while you wait, perhaps you can be more comfortable there? The guests may get worried. I’m sure you understand, Dr. Shelley…”
By now, a few other guests had approached the lobby’s waiting area, concerned but unaware of the reason for the scene.
“Are you sure that she’s dead?” Luntz took Nate’s arm and offered to accompany him upstairs. He used a discreet whisper, but the concern on his face was evident to all in the lobby.
“It looks like a homicide to me, Dr. Luntz. I believe we should let the local police take care of this one,” said Nate.
Luntz and Beech hovered over him. Although unintelligible, even Beech’s words comforted Nate. If only the police would get here to settle this mess once and for all.

Iberian Ties is the first work of fiction published by Quintin Vargas. In addition to being an author, he combined a career as professor and dean in various American universities with becoming owner of a firm that prepared new immigrants to enter the marketplace and international workforce. His work impacted leadership development for various domestic and international private industries, non-profit organizations, and higher education.

As an academic, he served as dean and provost at various universities, including DePaul University in Chicago, the University of Texas, San Antonio, and St. Edward’s University. His academic writings have been highlighted in various publications, including the Journal of Research and Development in Education, the National Commission on Testing and Public Policy, and the Journal of Thought

He and his wife, Marty, have five children and thirteen grandchildren. They reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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