Sunday, March 11, 2018

Witch Creek: A Wildlands Novel ~ Laura Bickle

Bickle, Laura. Witch Creek. 2018. New York, NY: Harper Voyager, a division of HarperCollins Publishers. ISBN: 978-0062567314. Mass Market Paperback.

I'm so grateful to have had an opportunity to read the next installment in Laura Bickle's wonderful fantasy series, titled Witch Creek. It's a very unique world, and I've recommended the series over and over again. The characters are so intriguing and unusual, especially the coyote sidekick, Sig! My thanks, once again, to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for the DRC.  Reading the books in order will give you the best experience with this series (Dark Alchemy, Mercury Retrograde and Nine of Stars).

Petra Dee is a geologist who has lost a lot in her life, including a lover and her father, an alchemist (who is still sort of in the picture through...Alchemy (natch)! She lands in Temperance, Wyoming and discovers some very unusual supernatural occurrences in that small town, including some "Hanged Men" who live underneath a Lunaria tree that sustains them. All kinds of "evil-bad" guys cause trouble for Petra and Gabe, one of the Hanged Men with whom she has a number of adventures. It's hard to describe this series as a genre, as it pulls from a number of mythologies, including Native American, but I would call it Dark Contemporary Fantasy.

In this latest title things are not looking so great for the main characters:  Gabe is missing, having been kidnapped by the new heir to the land where the Lunaria was located; Petra has leukemia and has given up on treatment; and the new "evil-bad," the alchemy-created Muirenn (a mermaid-of-sorts) is on the loose and out for revenge. The way the author brings all these dire straits together is very creative, and she has left room for another novel to come (i.e. cliff-hanger)!

My advice: grab this series and get ready to binge-read!

Happy Reading!

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