Monday, January 2, 2017

Taking a Breather....

I have not posted much Since October, 2016, as I was deep down in a reading frenzy completing  many, many books in preparation for the voting meeting in December for the Texas Library Association Lariat Adult Fiction Reading List. The Committee for the Lariat List is made up of 9 Librarians from across Texas. I was asked to be on the nominating committee for a three year rotation, and the 2017 List should be published this month.  Five of the titles I nominated made the final list!  The short list is available at this link:

The short list is the list of titles that each of the 9 members of the committee nominated to be on the Lariat List.  When we met on December 9th, we voted for the top 25 titles. The annual list of Lariat award winners calls attention to outstanding fiction published during the year that merits special attention from adult readers. The main criteria for selecting books for the Lariat List is that they are “a pleasure to read.”

I'm taking a breather from Lariat List reading and catching up on some other books I've been wanting to read, and should have some book reviews up in the near future.  There are so many amazing authors, especially debut authors, that have written excellent fiction, and I just wish I had time to read all the books that capture my attention!

If you would like to expand your reading horizons in 2017, and get outside your comfort zone, check out the 2017 Reading Challenge from the PopSugar website here:

Happy Reading!

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