Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Forgotten Room ~ Karen White, Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig

White, Karen, et. al. 2016. The Forgotten Room. New York, NY: NAL/Berkley Publishing Group. ISBN 978-0451474629. $26.00 USD

It’s unusual to come across a novel written by three authors, and one would wonder how the three different writing styles would mesh.  I’m happy to say that these three prolific authors have done an excellent job of telling one story, in three parts.  Set in three different eras in New York City, the late 1800s, the 1920s and mid-1940s, this novel tells the story of one mansion, its inhabitants over the years, and secrets that were born in a forgotten room on the top floor.

With three different narrators, and times-shifts between the historical eras, the writing is nonetheless seamless.  And some of the chapters end in such a way that you have to resist flipping forward to the continuation of the story line (I admit I didn’t resist a few times)! If you enjoy historical fiction, with a bit of romance, this emotionally satisfying novel will be a treat for you.

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